Self-Employed Get Cobra Health Insurance

The importance of health insurance to every citizen of the United States cannot be overemphasized. “Health is wealth.’ That is why there are a lot of free and affordable health insurance plans today.

Now, most insurance plans are given as an incentive for working with big companies or the government. For example, the COBRA insurance health care is only available for employers with 20 employees or more. So, what happens to the people that work on their own? What happens to the self-employed?

There are two categories of self-employed people. One has employees, while the other doesn’t. Getting cobra health insurance is relatively easy if you meet their standards.

Below are some health insurance plans for self-employed individuals and what they entail.

COBRA health insurance plan

COBRA health insurance covers you if you were employed by an organization or company for a short while. No matter the number of days you worked for the organization, you are covered.

What COBRA does is that it lets you keep the health insurance plan of your former work for a while. During this period, you’re expected to search for new health insurance plans.

Industry-specific health insurance

Some industries have a union that provides health insurance for their members. Most times the prices are subsidized to accommodate their union members.

However, the amount you’ll be asked to pay might still be higher than individual health insurance at the health insurance marketplace. In such cases, choose the latter.

Health insurance marketplace

The government health insurance marketplace is the best place to find affordable health insurance. Still, before choosing anyone, make sure to read their terms and conditions.

Do not jump into a plan because it is cheap with extensive coverage. Rather, understand the terms first and make sure the tax rates on it aren’t high. Read more!

Private health insurance plans

The cost of private health insurance plans usually discourages people from getting health insurance plans from private companies. Most of them provide coverage for self-employed individuals.

They may have mouth-watering coverage deals but still be careful before agreeing to anything. Better still, seek help from independent health insurance agents to choose the best plan for you.

Tips for finding health insurance plans for the self-employed

It is not easy finding a good health insurance plan. Some insurance plans look like a sweet deal but will just rope you into more debt at the end. Well, here are tips that will enable you to make the best decision.

  • As I mentioned earlier, consider using independent health insurance agents to assist you. Trust me, they are better equipped to understand every aspect of the deal.
  • Be aware of the health insurance tax deduction for the self-employed. This reduces costs for you to a large extent.
  • Choose a high-deductible health insurance plan. High deductibles mean lower costs.


Being a boss can be scary at first but you would get around it with time. Finding a health insurance plan even makes it harder but the tips above will help you. For more details read our article:

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What Should I Look For When Buying Health Insurance?  

As easy as it may seem, buying health insurance plans is a complicated process. However, before you buy any health insurance plan, here are some of the things you should consider;  

#1. Premium 

Premium is the upfront payment you make to keep your health insurance policy active. Depending on your agreement with the health insurance company, you may decide to pay your premium monthly or one-off.  

However, the amount of money you pay as a premium depends on the benefits you included in the plan. It’s important to note that your health insurance premium is different from the deductibles.  

But if you want to spend less on your health insurance plans, you can control your deductible, copay, and coinsurance.  

#2. Deductible 

A health insurance deductible is different from a premium. While a premium is the upfront payment you make to keep your health insurance plan active, deductible refers to the small amount of money you as a policyholder before the insurance pays the big chunk of money.  

Any amount you pay towards any medical bills while under a health insurance plan is called deductibles. However, the insurance company will pay every other covered medical bill, depending on your policy cover.  

If you want to pay less deductible, you will have to increase your premium. In other words, the lower the deductible, the higher the premium, vice versa. So, if your deductible is $500 for a medical bill of $1500, your health insurance coverage will pay the outstanding $1000.  

However, if you don’t have any chronic condition that makes you visit the hospital every time, it’s advisable to opt-in for a higher deductible plan. It is not financially rational to be spending more on a health insurance plan you seldom use.  

But if you have many medical expenses (like surgeries or chronic disease), it’s better you subscribe for a lower deductible.  

#3. Copay  

Copay is another important factor you should consider when buying health insurance plans. It’s the amount of money you pay in addition to your premium when you are visiting a medical expert. It includes emergency room fees, prescription drug purchases, and sometimes urgent visits payment.  

Again, the copay isn’t part of your deductible; it’s your financial responsibility. So, it’s advisable to consider health insurance plans with friendlier copay terms.  

Generally, your copay cost depends on your monthly premium. When you pay a higher premium, your copay will reduce, vice versa. If you are on a prescription drug or always go for medical checkup, it’s better you invest in a lower copay plan.  


Coinsurance refers to the portion of the medical bills you will be paying after the insurance company pays their part. Do your research and buy your health insurance plans from a company that gives better coinsurance percentages.  

Provider Network 

Before you buy a health insurance plan, ensure that the insurance company covers your preferred provider network and insurance policy.  

Again, some short term health insurance plans may not have a provider network. The insurance company pays you based on what an average provider charges. If this is the case, check whether your provider is charging in line with what your insurance company is paying.  

These are some of the most important things to look out for when buying health insurance plans. Please take note of them and implement them to get the perfect health insurance plan peculiar to your situation. Read more:


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How Do You Get Health Insurance If You’re Self-Employed?

Self-employed health insurance is something millions are searching for. This is an essential part of your life because as you know, you never know when you’ll need it most. Being self-employed can be exciting but also very scary. You are your own boss and starting a whole new chapter in life. Sometimes, it’ll go great and have all the luck in the world; and then, there will be times where it all goes wrong. It is part of the experience but health insurance becomes trickier when you’re self-employed. So, how can you obtain health insurance when you’re your own boss?

Consider COBRA

Who was your previous employer and did you have a group health insurance plan with them? If so, you might be in luck. COBRA allows former employees to remain a part of that employer-based plan. However, this is a temporary measure and doesn’t usually last longer than eighteen months. The only catch is that you must keep paying the monthly premiums to continue the coverage as the employer won’t continue with your share of the insurance costs. This is actually useful if you plan to be self-employed for a short period or until you find another insurance policy. You could even buy health insurance online, as long as it’s suitable. 

Seek a Private Insurance Plan

This might be a better option for those who are going to be permanently self-employed. Private health insurance can be a viable self-employed health insurance option to consider. These policies are usually able to offer better coverage for its users and with more affordable rates too. Searching for insurance takes time and you should look at a wide variety of private insurance carriers and providers. Once you do, look at their plans and find the best. Of course, it takes time but the right policy or plan can be found with a bit of determination and patience. 

Plan Ahead With a Low Premium, Higher Deductible Plan

Whether you buy health insurance online or otherwise, costs can be high, especially for those self-employed. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid expensive insurance premiums. One such way would be to opt for a higher deductible, as this usually lowers monthly costs. This can be a great way to save each month. However, if you do need to make a claim, the deductible will be high and that’s something you need to be prepared for. So, if that’s what you’re going to do, it’s best to put aside the deductible costs (if you can) so if something happens, you’re able to cover those fees. These plans don’t work for everyone but it’s something to consider.Read more

Find Affordable Self-Employed Health Insurance

Being self-employed can be overwhelming. There are lots of responsibilities and worries and that’s before you stress about finances and everything else. Insurance adds more pressure but don’t be tempted to walk away from it. You need insurance no matter what industry you’re going into. It’s vital to get an insurance plan that works for your requirements. There are more insurance options available and you could even buy health insurance online, so explore all avenues available.

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8 Things You Should Know About Your Healthcare Deductible

Who doesn’t want to buy health insurance online? For the last few decades, people across the country have fallen behind on their medical and healthcare needs because the cost of insurance is too high. For many, the idea of getting insurance is great but the costs are preventing them from actually taking out a policy. Despite what you might believe, healthcare plans can be extremely costly and finding an affordable plan is not easy, even when you have a good paying job. Unfortunately, healthcare premiums are increasing and deductibles catch most people out too. So, what do you need to know about healthcare deductibles?

What You Should Know About Deductibles

  1. Higher Premiums, Lower Deductibles
  2. Some Healthcare Plans Have Two Deductibles
  3. A Separation Deductible For Prescriptions
  4. Deductible Amounts Vary Considering Your Credit And Medical History
  5. Additional Health And Medical Care Costs Can Require A Deductible Before Payout
  6. Family Deductibles Will Be Higher Than Single Insurance Plans
  7. Out-Of-Network Providers Might Require Another Deductible For Insurers
  8. Deductibles Vary Depending On The Plan And Cover You Have

Deductibles vary from policy and that’s something which you have to be aware of when looking for health insurance plans. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume the deductibles are the same no matter where they go, but that’s not the case. Every insurer has requirements for deductibles and what they consider to be an appropriate deductible amount. Why aren’t all deductibles the same? Insurers look at the individual as a customer, but they don’t take what they see on face value, they go by medical history and that can impact how much the deductibles are.

Prescription Costs and Deductibles

Let’s say you visit the doctors once every few months and your overall healthcare costs are low, what about your prescription costs? Prescriptions can catch a lot of people out, especially when it comes to their deductibles because some healthcare plans do not cover the cost of prescriptions, while others have a separate deductible. What does that mean? Your plan might not cover your prescription initially because it doesn’t amount to the deductible cost. For instance, you have a deductible of $1,100 and your prescription costs are only $549, you aren’t eligible for the insurance to cover the costs. Why is that? It’s down to the deductible and not reaching the threshold. Some insurance plans have lower deductibles than others so you have to watch this when you want to buy health insurance online. Click here!

Should You Opt For A High Deductible?

Deductibles are a standard part of insurance, but they leave some people frustrated because it’s the added expense they don’t plan for. Unfortunately, when the time comes, deductibles can cause trouble for those in the greatest need and it’s not ideal. However, what about opting for a higher deductible? Wouldn’t that leave you paying less when you put in a healthcare insurance claim? Well, yes and no. You may have a lower threshold to reach, but, it means you’re paying more per month towards the premiums and that’s a problem. Health insurance plans can be affordable, but you do have to find a suitable plan that works for your finances.

Get Insurance

Healthcare costs are on the increase and you can’t afford to let your insurance lapse. If you don’t have cover and you’re involved in an accident, you might end up paying out tens of thousands of dollars in medical and healthcare bills. You must find suitable healthcare cover and there are more insurance policies to choose from as well. You could even look to buy health insurance online to help …

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Important Points to Ponder Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance quotes are often confusing. When you look into health insurance plans the quotes you receive can appear to be very reasonable indeed, but when you get down to the bare bones of it, it’s not as cheap as you hoped. The problem is that people often jump into a new deal without first thinking about what they’re getting into. Some actually buy a health insurance plan without knowing what their deductibles are or who’s covered! It happens more often than not and that’s why you have to think first. Here are a few important points to ponder on before you buy any insurance plans.

What Are You Covered For?

Insurance can cover you for a variety of accidents, incidents and ailments, but, there are some things which aren’t covered. Policies will vary from insurance carrier so what you believe is standard coverage, may not be standard to the company you choose. For example, knee surgery might have been covered on your previous health insurance policy (or you know someone who was), but your new insurer might refuse to pay for such costs. If you don’t know what you’re covered for, you could end up with a nasty surprise. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at family health insurance or otherwise, you need to be sure what you’re covered for.

Important Points to Ponder Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan

What Is The Deductable?

Deductibles are a standard policy in any insurance claim, but, what would you have to pay? More to the point, what can you afford to pay? Most people won’t put money aside for insurance deductibles, so when the times comes, you need to know you aren’t going to be paying a terribly high amount. For example, you’re paying three hundred dollars a month for a family health insurance plan, but when you make a claim on the policy, you’re deductible is three thousand dollars. Is that an amount you find reasonable, fair and could you afford that? In all honesty, you have to look at every quote you get in fine detail. You need to look at health insurance quotes and break them down so that you know the deductable and what you’re covered for. If one plan has a high deductable and you can’t afford the costs, it may not be the right one for you.

What Are the Monthly Premiums and who’s covered In the Policy?

When you’re looking at family health insurance, or indeed any insurance policy, you have to think about the overall monthly costs to the home. Will you be able to afford the costs and are they reasonable for what cover you’re receiving? If you find a health insurance plan that only covers two children instead of three, what is the point of paying such high costs? What happens if the third child is injured? These are the things you have to consider very carefully. You have to study each health care and insurance plan closely so that if the worst should happen you know what you have to do. Also, you don’t want to find that after a year of having the policy, you have an accident and find that you aren’t actually covered for the necessary medical procedures.Visit this link for more details:

Keep Insurance Affordable

Insurance plans are fantastic for most people because anything can go wrong in life and when it does, at least you know you’ve got the health care costs covered. Unfortunately, thousands buy insurance that doesn’t work for them and when they really need it, they’re left out on the cold. You do not want to be in that position. …

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How to Understand Your Family Health Insurance Quote

Do you understand health insurance quotes? To be honest, trying to get to grips with insurance quotes is not easy because they are deceptively confusing! When quotes are sent to you, it’s based on the information you’ve provided and if you’ve got something wrong, that’ll mean the quote isn’t really suitable for you! However, if you understand the quotes, you might be able to get the right cover.

Look At Who Is Covered In the Quote

Insurance isn’t the toughest thing to understand, but of course, the quotes aren’t always straightforward either. There are some quotes which are so confusing you’re not sure if you’re getting a family plan or not! So, when you’re looking through the quotes, have a look at the insurance to see who will be covered. For example, if you were looking for a family plan and you want to cover your two children and your partner, are all of them covered with the family health insurance? If not, you need to adjust the insurance or look elsewhere!

How to Understand Your Family Health Insurance Quote

Look At the Type of Coverage Given

What is actually covered in the insurance? When you get a quote and you’re reading through it, does it mention whether it’s partial coverage for the family or full coverage? Also, what healthcare costs are covered? Are you unsure? When it comes to understanding your health insurance quotes you have to look at the details closely, especially when it talks about the type of cover being offered. For example, if you’re getting full coverage, it should specify the type of things covered, along with the cost or deductible for each item.More details.

Get Clarity if you’re Unsure

You’re looking for family health insurance and as such, it should cover the entire immediate family. For example, if you, your partner and two children are on the policy, but the third child isn’t covered, that’s a major problem. Also, if there is no room for adding another child onto the policy at a later date and you plan to have a bigger family, that insurance policy might not be best. When you’re reading through your insurance quotes you have to make sure you actually understand all that is said, otherwise you might end up with a nasty surprise later.

Get the Best Insurance

Insurance is an essential part of life. When you have insurance, you have something of a safety net to fall back on, should the worst happen. However, when the safety net is gone, you really are in a bad position, whether you are badly injured or otherwise. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and it’s a problem because you don’t always have the money to pay for healthcare costs. With insurance, you have something that can potentially help and it’s worth considering. Family insurance ensures the entire family is covered so that if anyone gets hurt or into an accident, they won’t be left to foot the bill. Find good insurance and understand health insurance quotes to find the best for your family.

Visit this link: Important Points to Ponder Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan

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How to Get Cheap Health Insurance Plan?

Health insurance plans are vital for anyone in the US today. Medical and healthcare costs are increasingly high and there is no sign they will decrease. In all honesty, it’s more likely healthcare costs will rise than fall and it’s all because of our modern diets. Our diets are poor and that has caused an enormous pressure on the healthcare system and insurance companies don’t want to lose out. As such, most companies are increasing their costs as the years roll by. It’s frustrating but not a lot can be done about it, which is why health insurance is greatly needed.

Buy Health Insurance Online And Save

Have you thought about buying an insurance plan online? Despite what you might think, it’s very much possible to go online in search of insurance. It’s a great way to potentially decrease the overall costs you have to pay, and a simple way to find a suitable insurer as well. However, as with buying anything online, you must be smart in your approach. You have to ensure you’re getting insurance from a legitimate company and they’re offering the best policy possible. Far too many people jump at the chance of getting cheaper insurance, but don’t think about the long-term consequences. You always have to research the company before you buy. Check all health insurance plans you see (that interests you) online before you sign up.

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance Plan

Opt For a Family Plan Rather Than Single Insurance Plans

If you have a family at home, it could be useful to look into family or group plans, rather than taking out a single insurance policy. Why is that? Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, insurance premiums are very costly and that can cause a host of trouble for most people. However, if you can take out a family plan, it can be the better way of getting a cheaper deal. You pay a little more, but you get the entire family covered and that’s really fantastic. When you buy health insurance online, look at family plans too and you never know you might get a cheaper plan available.

Think About the Type of Cover You Need

It doesn’t matter if you’re going online to buy insurance you still need to act smart when choosing a new policy. You have to think about whether you’re going to need coverage for the family as well as yourself or if it’s just enough cover for one. Also, do you need full coverage? Do you need specialist healthcare costs covered? Sometimes, if you have underlying health issues, then full coverage might be required. However, the costs will increase depending on the cover you require. Look at all costs associated with health insurance plans. You might find a cheaper plan comes with a higher deductible rate.

Cheap Insurance Is Possible To Find

While most people have trouble finding cheaper insurance quotes, there are many affordable insurance plans available. Of course, it’s frustrating when you can’t find a policy to suit your needs and make it fit into your budget, but you need to approach this with a calm and collected head. You need to look at all avenues and as many companies as you can to find insurance suitable for your needs. You could even look to buy health insurance online, but again, if you are, ensure you check the company and policy out carefully.

Visit this link:

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